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Our Vision
Since moving to Cardiff in 2008, we have been humbled and amazed by all that Jesus has done in our community. We are full of excitement and anticipation for the next stage.In October 2015, we shared with you the vision that we believe God has given us to partner with Him in restoring the city. As we have prayed and reflected on this, we sense that God is leading us into a new chapter at Cardiff Vineyard, with a focus on developing the following areas:


The Gate

We are now involved in the management of The Gate Community & Arts Centre. This has created the opportunity to explore how The Gate can be used throughout the week, not just as a place to host our Sunday services.  Looking forward, we would love to see the building thriving as a welcoming and creative hub for the local community and attracting participation from across the city. We believe that God will open countless opportunities for us to grow a Kingdom community at The Gate as it becomes a platform to restore the city.



God continues to call us at Cardiff Vineyard to become courageously compassionate. We long to restore hope, restore dignity and, ultimately, restore lives across our city. Our hope is that as a community we are involved in compassion ministries that take us to those who are suffering, facing injustice or experiencing poverty. Our long-term vision is for a centre which would house our compassion ministries but in this next chapter we will seek to strengthen and grow our existing ministries as well as develop new initiatives as we respond to the needs of those God brings towards us.



We believe that Jesus is asking us to plant new congregations of Cardiff Vineyard into local communities throughout Cardiff and South Wales and, in doing so, build for those yet to come. We believe this is the best way to powerfully impact our city and nation. To release new congregations that are fully-resourced and supported by our central team, we will need to strengthen our existing structures and create an operational hub that will support all of our congregations. 


As we have reflected on this next stage as a church, we feel that God has called us time and time again to the following verse: 


Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine - Ephesians 3v20


Play your part

As a church, we believe that God is asking us to become outrageously generous. We would love to invite you to play your part in this next chapter as you ask God what to give towards this vision. 

You can play your part by doing either or both of the following:


Regular Giving

We are looking for a 25% increase in our regular giving. Currently just under half of us give on a regular basis amounting to £26,000 each month. We are looking to increase this amount to £32,500. Would you consider either starting to give regularly to the church or to increase the amount per month that you currently give?

This increase would cover:

  • Investing in our Sunday services and developing ministry opportunities at The Gate
  • Resourcing our compassion ministries to enable us to grow our existing projects as well as develop new initiatives 
  • Building upon our central operational functions in preparation for planting congregations
  • Meeting increased monthly rental costs for the Cardiff Vineyard Centre
  • Allowing for further development of other ministries across the church

One-off Gift

We are on the move! The time has come for us to relocate our mid-week venue (the Cardiff Vineyard Centre) into a bigger space to keep up with our current growth as a church and to allow us to grow in our capacity for ministry. 

Furthermore, to realise our vision of planting new congregations into Cardiff and Wales, we will need to develop our Cardiff Vineyard Centre into a centralised hub that can functionally support these new congregations. We would also like to have funds available to help finance congregations as they plant. 


To achieve all this, we are aiming to raise a one-off gift of £100,000 to be spent in the following ways:


£40,000 to cover relocating and resourcing our Cardiff Vineyard Centre

£50,000 to create a ‘Congregations Fund’ to finance the planting of congregations

£10,000 as a gift towards overseas projects that we support as a church (this is in line with what we see as part of Biblical giving.)


How can I give? 


1. Online Bank Transfer

If you have internet banking you can set up regular giving or one-off giving yourself. Our bank details are:

Bank: CAF Bank Ltd

Sort Code: 40-52-40

Account Number: 00016779

Account Name: Cardiff Vineyard

Reference: THWIA


If this an option that is available to you then this would be our preferred method as the bank charges no fee to you or us for this form of giving. 'Outrageous Generosity' leaflets are also available on the Welcome & Resources Desk at all services. These should be completed, signed and sent to the Church Office for processing. You can also download the form below by clicking on the button.

pdf-icon   Outrageous Generosity.pdf      

If you are setting up a Standing Order and you are a UK taxpayer please note that we also can claim 'Gift Aid' from your donation of additional 25p for every £1 you give from HM Revenue & Customs.  Just fill in the online 'Gift Aid' declaration form by clicking the button below.


gift aid logo-rd



2.  Online


To give securely online to Cardiff Vineyard using a credit or debit card you can click here

It is possible to arrange regular payments as well as one-off donations and also provide giftaid information if you are a UK taxpayer.  To give towards "To Him Who is Able" please select this fund from the dropdown menu.


3. By Cheque

Please make any cheques payable to ‘Cardiff Vineyard' and either hand in to the Welcome and Resouces Area at a Sunday Service or send in the post to: 


Cardiff Vineyard Centre

Beignon Close

Ocean Way


CF24 5HF


If you have any questions, please contact the Church Office on 02920 453 368 or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





What will happen to the money I give to Cardiff Vineyard?

We intend to spend any money raised in accordance with the outline above. However, we appreciate it is unlikely the sum raised will exactly match the above numbers.  Considering this, we are asking you to give to Cardiff Vineyard for its general charitable purposes to allow for some flexibility. We will continue to keep you informed about how much money has been raised and how it is being spent.


What happens if the one-off gift does not reach its target?

Moving to a new Cardiff Vineyard Centre underpins our ability to continue with much of what we already do and will facilitate our future growth including new congregations. As such the costs associated with relocating its foundational. Relocating costs will therefore take priority over funds for congregations if we fall short of our overall one-off giving target.


Our gifts towards overseas projects is, we believe, in line with Biblical giving. Accordingly, we will ensure the sum spent in this way will remain a constant proportion of whatever sum is raised (10%). 


What happens if one-off giving exceeds its target?

As we believe new congregations are God's plan for Cardiff Vineyard, funds raised over our target will be principally earmarked for this purpose. However, we will ensure the proprotion spent towards overseas projects will remain a constant proportion (10%) of whatever sum is raised. 


How does Cardiff Vineyard decide how to spend its money?

Cardiff Vineyard church finances operate through a registered charity 'Cardiff Vineyard'. A team of trustees oversees the financial stability and governance of the charity. The leadership team of the church plan and budget for how to spend money that we receive. This budget is then subject to approval by the trustees. 


How can I find out more about Cardiff Vineyard finances?

We wish to be open in all aspects of the finances of Cardiff Vineyard. If you wish to find out more you can see our recent financial information you can do so through the Charity Commission website. 


If you have any questions that are not answered above we would love to answer them for you. You can do this by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.










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